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Homemade Hot Chocolate Is straightforward to create, Tastes Better and is Much better

The colder weather just begs for warm drinks. Something delicious and comforting to enjoy following a long day. Nothing says stop and savor the minute more than a cup of steaming hot chocolate with melting marshmallows on top. Homemade hot chocolate is easy to produce and so definitely better for you personally compared to instant varieties.

In the event that you buy hot chocolate mixes, consider the ingredients label. It creates for interesting reading and if you have a chemistry dictionary handy you might be in a position to comprehend it. The mix is full of additives, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors. All of those ingredients might be safe, but are they necessary to ingest? If you would like hot chocolate that's delicious, wholesome and not full of artificial ingredients you then need certainly to make it yourself.

Homemade hot chocolate

You may make simple homemade treats and it's really easier than you believe. Produced from scratch, hot chocolate has four ingredients: unsweetened baking chocolate, sugar, dairy, pure vanilla extract. The flavor is rich and delicious and you arrive at regulate how intense the chocolate flavor is and how sweet it tastes, not someone else. Can it be more work than opening a mixture and adding warm water? Yes, you do need to melt the chocolate in the microwave, add the other ingredients, bring it to a boil and wash a pot, but you as well as your family are worth every penny.

This recipe is easy and you may adjust it to your taste. Make it sweeter or add more chocolate--it's up to you. Once you taste this you'll never go back to the instant one again.

Once you read the recipe below, you'll find a quick line in front of each direction. Place a check mark exactly in danger as you complete a task. This way you may not add an ingredient twice or lose your house if you're interrupted

how to make homemade hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Work time: 20 minutes

Yield: 4½ cups


1 cup miniature marshmallows

4 one-ounce squares unsweetened baking chocolate

½ cup sugar

4 cups take advantage of 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

Let us Cook

- Put ¼ cup miniature marshmallows in each mug.

- Put the chocolate into a microwave safe bowl.

- Microwave on high power 1½-2 minutes until completely melted. Watch the chocolate vigilantly so it doesn't burn up.

- Add the sugar to the melted chocolate and mix with a fork.

- Slowly add the milk and mix well.

- Pour the chocolate mixture in to a pot and heat on medium stirring constantly until it is rather hot. The milk boils over easily; don't leave it unattended.

- Turn fully off the warmth. Add vanilla and mix.

- Pour hot chocolate together with the marshmallows.

- Serve hot.

Go right ahead and treat yourself as well as your family to a cup of homemade hot chocolate. The only real other thing you need to add is a cozy coach and perhaps a roaring fire.

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